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ChajaWork AFRICA Limited, branded as ChajaWork AFRICA™, is an early-stage start-up based in Nairobi, Kenya, and has a presence in the eMobility Sector across sub-Saharan Africa. It provides customization and inventive charging and swapping solutions while conforming to global benchmarks. 

Get to Know Us

One of the emerging yet fully developed chargers/charging/swapping solution providers in the EV space is ChajaWork AFRICA™, dedicated to developing the EV ecosystem. A niche of innovative solutions is offered by the company, which strives to revolutionize the Electric Mobility sector. Providing complete solutions or even assistance is one of our specialities.

Products & Services

EV Battery Chargers, BMS, Motor Controllers, Off-Board and On-Board Chargers (OBC), AC Charging Stations, and DC-DC Converters are some of the products ChajaWork AFRICA™  designs, develops, and manufactures. In addition to developing & and manufacturing, we offer a one-stop solution for Battery Swapping Stations (BSS) to both B2B and end users alike.

Supply of EV Components

We manufacture and supply EV Battery Charger/BMS/DC-DC Convertor & Motor-Controller

Solar Powered Charging Station

We set up off-grid solar-powered charging stations both AC & DC which are OCPP compliant

Swapping Stations

We manufacture and supply Swapping Stations to empower Energy Operators along with SaaS (Software as a Service)


At ChajaWork AFRICA Limited, we believe that sustainable energy and innovative mobility options are the keys to unlocking Africa's potential. Our team is committed to creating solutions that work for everyone, from rural communities to urban centers. With years of experience in the energy and mobility sectors, we have the expertise to take on any challenge, big or small. Our cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability ensure that the solutions we provide are always of the highest quality.


Eco-Friendly Design

24/7 Support


Advanced Tech

Get in Touch

ChajaWork AFRICA Limited

PO BOX  2801-20100


+254 7529 38 466

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