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ChajaWork AFRICA Limited, branded as ChajaWork AFRICA™, is an early-stage start-up based in Nairobi, Kenya, and has a presence in the eMobility Sector across sub-Saharan Africa. It provides customization and inventive charging and swapping solutions while conforming to global benchmarks. 

Get to Know Us

We are into design, development and manufacturing of EV Components like EV Battery Charger, Charging Station, Swapping Station, Battery Management System (BMS), Motor-Controller, DC-DC Converter etc. We have R&D Centre and In House manufacturing Setup in Bengaluru India. 

In line with our commitment to global excellence, we are in the process of establishing a cutting-edge product assembly plant in Nairobi, Kenya. This strategic move will enable us to export our high-quality products across the African continent, fostering closer collaboration with clients and customers. Our goal is to understand their unique requirements and provide hassle-free after-sales services and support, ensuring utmost satisfaction.

Empowering Communities through Training and Capacity Building, ChajaWork is actively engaged in over 13 countries across Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa, working tirelessly to cultivate a thriving community and ecosystem for electric mobility. We conduct comprehensive EV training and capacity-building programs, both online and offline, to empower individuals and businesses with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive the eMobility revolution forward. Additionally, our hands-on training initiatives are designed to nurture talent and expertise in the eMobility sector, contributing to the development of a robust ecosystem across PAN AFRICA.

Products & Services

EV Battery Chargers, BMS, Motor Controllers, Off-Board and On-Board Chargers (OBC), AC Charging Stations, and DC-DC Converters are some of the products ChajaWork AFRICA™  designs, develops, and manufactures. In addition to developing & and manufacturing, we offer a one-stop solution for Battery Swapping Stations (BSS) to both B2B and end users alike.

Charging Station

We manufacture both AC/DC Charging Stations

Solar Powered Charging Station

We set up off-grid solar-powered charging stations both AC & DC which are OCPP compliant

Swapping Stations

We manufacture and supply Swapping Stations to empower Energy Operators along with SaaS (Software as a Service)

Electric Vehicle Battery Charger.jpg
Energy as a Service.png

EV Battery Charger

We manufacture and supply EV Battery Charger both in off board and on board categories

Battery Management System (BMS)

We manufacture and supply Battery Management System (BMS) for 2/3Wheeler Applications

DC-DC Converter (ISOLATED)

We manufacture and supply DC/DC  of 180/240W 2/3Wheeler Applications

1200W_IP67_OBC_Image 2_auto_x2_colored_toned_light_ai_no_background.jpg
BMS Image.png


At ChajaWork AFRICA Limited, we believe that sustainable energy and innovative mobility options are the keys to unlocking Africa's potential. Our team is committed to creating solutions that work for everyone, from rural communities to urban centers. With years of experience in the energy and mobility sectors, we have the expertise to take on any challenge, big or small. Our cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability ensure that the solutions we provide are always of the highest quality.


Ashish Pic_edited_edited_edited.png

CEO, Ashish Kumar


Product Head, Atanu Ghosh

Kinyar Karangi- Passport photo_edited_edited.png

Business Head, Kinyar Karangi


Head Supply Chain, Ashutosh Gupta

Collins Donkar_edited.png

Sales Consultant, Emmanuel Collins Donkor


Head After Sales, Dhananjay Chauhan

Eco-Friendly Design

24/7 Support


Advanced Tech

Get in Touch

ChajaWork AFRICA Limited

PO BOX  2801-20100


+254 7529 38 466

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